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5 Ways instax Can Inspire a Fashionista

Posted by Fujifilm Instax March 31, 2016

fashionista.gif(Photo by Danielle Schultz)

Fujifilm instax cameras bring photography to fashion in an instant—it’s the perfect piece to add to your fashionista collection. They’re lightweight, compact and hassle-free, so you can carry your instax camera with you everywhere you go. Whether you’re at a Fashion Week event, beach bumming in a stylish bikini, or checking out the latest in street style, instax is versatile enough for any fashion experience.

As a fashionista, here’s how you can use your instax to document your style adventures.

1. Fashion Week with instax

Instax instant photos can be a great tool during style sessions, casting calls, photo shoots and high-profile parties. The instant results play a huge role in the fashion industry because they eliminate the need for uploading and printing digital photos, which can take days or even weeks. Bring the same results into your fashion-forward life by keeping up with the instax photo movement in fashion.


(Fashion week documented by Dylana Suarez)

2. instax camera bag

As you may have already seen out and about, stylish instax camera bags come in many colours and, most importantly, will protect your camera from damage. The bag features a cutout for your camera's lens so you can take pictures on the go without taking your camera out of its case. The instax bag also includes a matching strap for taking it with you wherever you go. Tactical and trendy, this bag will complement your outfit with a fresh touch of colour while also keeping your camera safe and secure.


(Photo by Urban Outfitters

3. Flat lays

A perfectly styled flat lay can show off your most prized accessories, including your instax camera. Make sure to keep a harmony between the colours you’re using. (Note: If you use too many colours, the photo will be hard on the eyes. Use a light or plain background to make items stand out.)


(Photo by Aeropostale)

4. Beach adventures with instax

Although any instax camera is perfect for your sun-filled outing, we recommend the instax mini 70 for taking selfies. The camera will adjust the lens focus to produce clear, sharp portraits. Take multiple selfies with friends at the beach to show off the beautiful scenery and your stylish swimwear. The best part about beach selfies is that you will have the most perfect and natural backdrop—the glistening blue ocean.


(Photo by VictoriasSecret)

5. Plan your holiday fashionista outfits

Things could get really jumbled when choosing which precious items to neatly pack into your luggage for the holiday of your dreams. Lay out all of your clothing so you can plan your outfits in advance. Make sure all of your travel accessories are accounted for by taking a picture of the outfit, plus accessories you will wear each day. You will never get stuck repeating the same outfits or get stumped over what to wear together because your instax photos will remind you exactly what you planned to wear each day.


(Photo and packing for trips blog by Ashley Rose)

Ready to take designing and personalisation to a new level? Use fun and colourful instax mini film while shooting.

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