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Tips and Tricks to Take Cool Pics with Your instax mini 8

Posted by Fujifilm Instax June 2, 2017

How many of you have an instax mini 8 and would love to take cooler snaps? We’ve got some tips and tricks that can get you some amazing images, so keep reading, mates.

1. Lighting

The instax mini 8 automatically determines the best brightness for you and tells you that setting with different icons. Keep in mind the time of day you’re shooting and whether it’s light or dark outside.

lighting instax mini 8

2. Avoid Blurring

Depending on your angle, be careful not to get too close — if you’re closer than 60 cm from the object, it’s more likely it will turn out blurry.

3. Flash

When you turn on your mini 8, you’ll get a recommendation for one of several flash modes. Your image could be too dark if you use a mode other than what’s recommended.

flash instax mini 8

4. Angles

Getting creative with angles helps make cool pics and adds depth to shots. Try taking a pic from various angles rather than straight on. Another way to add depth is to use the pic-within-a-pic technique:

angles instax mini 8


5. Different Backgrounds

Whether you use the double picture effect, take pics while travelling or contrast the colours of your background with your subject, using different backgrounds will spice up your photo.

6. Film Care

Taking care of your film is an important part of getting great images, although it’s sometimes overlooked. Giving your film enough time to process, and making sure you store it at the correct temperature helps your images come out the way they were meant to come out. Also, make sure when your pic first comes out of the camera you shield it from light straight away, to protect it during the first few minutes of developing.

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