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Selfies Around the World

Posted by Fujifilm Instax June 8, 2018

No matter where you’re from, selfies are an undeniably unique phenomenon that spans all cultures. Let’s face it: they’re fun to take, and they give you the chance to show a glimpse into your personality.

We scoured the internet for our favourite selfies from various countries around the globe. Here they are:




Taken outside of Wat Chalong, the largest of the 29 buddhist temples in Phuket, this selfie embodies culture and photography skills. We love the use of picture-within-a-picture here!




Winter in Germany is filled with wonder and mystique. This perfectly captures the beauty of the countryside, with a photographic flair.


United States




Chicago, AKA the Windy City, is a prime location for selfies. There’s so much to see and do, especially on a beautiful summer day like the one in this shot!





Even at the top of the Swiss Alps, selfies are a great way to show your creative side. We love that you “made” it to the top! 




The beach is the perfect location for a selfie—the balmy breezes, perfect sunlight and sandy backdrop will make anyone who sees your shot instantly jealous. Uruguay has plenty of beautiful spots for this!




Another beach selfie, you can’t go wrong with the endless angles the shore has to offer. Another great destination for beach selfies is Colombia, and we love this young couple living it up at the beach! 

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