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How to Create Simple Wall Designs Using instax Film

Posted by Fujifilm Instax September 16, 2016

wall-designs-instax-film.jpgYou have a great collection of photos, but there’s not one central theme. You know there’s a perfect instax project that would tie them all together. Luckily, Fujifilm instax is versatile and makes it easy to create a simple wall design using your instax photos.

Harness your creativity and tell hundreds of stories by crafting a visually appealing memory collection to showcase on a wall in your home. Keep them up on a frameless display on your walls as a reminder of the people, places and adventures you love and cherish the most.

There really are no rules with this project, besides having a great time. Here are five simple instax wall designs you can try in your home.

1. Heart-Shaped Design

Take 53 instax photos from your most treasured times with loved ones. This is perfect for your dorm room, wedding display or nursery. Place the instax photos in the order from the image below:heart-shaped-instax-photos.jpg

2. Rectangle

If you have a slender wall space, use the rectangle design to fit 36 photos (six by six) on a strip of your wall. It’s one of the most simple and attractive wall designs.

3. Around a Door

Give a room in your home a warm welcome by wrapping your instax photos around the door. Align two rows of instax photos using tape to stick them to the wall. (Two by two around a door.)

4. Large Gallery Display

Go crazy and completely fill an entire wall with photos. There is no way you can run out of display photo ideas when you can easily find beauty in the ordinary by using photos you take of ordinary objects. Give the room a colourful, enchanting pop by taking photos of brilliant street signs, vases, flowers and other objects.

(Tip: Make sure your photos are lined up in neat rows so your shapes don’t look out of place.)

5. Uneven Wall Design Shape

A wall design doesn’t need to have a particular shape to visually tell your story. Treat your display as a puzzle, and piece the instax photos together as you see fit.


Whatever your favourite wall design is, have fun transforming a room into your personal photo gallery. It’s easy as pie.

For some other great ideas, visit www.fujifilm.com. Happy Designing!

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