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Introducing The New SQ20 Camera

Posted by Fujifilm Instax April 19, 2019

It’s great to be able to hold a photo in your hands as soon as you take it, which is why so many people love instax cameras. You snap a picture of your mate and — voila — it’s hanging on the wall in your kitchen.

But it’s also great to be able to retake a photo if you need to, which is the major convenience offered by digital cameras and smartphones. You take a photo of your mate with your phone, but he was blinking, so you take another.

The only problem? Chances are that photo never makes it off your phone and onto your wall.

The new instax Square SQ20 by instax takes both issues off the table, giving you both instant photos and the ability to retake shots, plus a bunch of other fun perks.

The Best of Both Worlds with the SQ20instax-sq-20

Let’s take a look at what the instax Square SQ20 has to offer. It’s a hybrid, blending the capabilities of both digital and analog cameras, and it prints square images that measure 62mm by 62mm.

That means it uses film but also captures images digitally.

With the SQ20, you can print images as soon as you take them, but on your terms. So if the shot’s no good, you won’t be wasting film.

Capturing the Moment with the SQ20

Remember how we told you this camera has perks? Let’s take a closer look at those.

The SQ20 can also take short videos. That’s a nice feature, you may be thinking, but my cell phone can do that, too.

Here’s where things get interesting: The SQ20 has a feature called Frame Grab. You shoot a video up to 15 seconds long, then use the dial on the back of the camera to select the frame that captures the moment best — and then print.

Maybe your daughter is learning to surf and you’re trying to capture a shot of her standing up for the first time. Or maybe your boyfriend is attempting to do the Floss dance — and you just have to get a shot for posterity. With Frame Grab, it’s easy to get exactly the shot you’re looking for.

Time Shift Collage, meanwhile, is a fun mode that allows you to combine four sequential images into one shot. Press the shutter button once, and your instax takes four shots. Even better, you can adjust the time difference between 0.2 and 2 seconds.

Other features of the SQ20 include Double Exposure, which allows you to superimpose two images on one frame; and Collage Mode, which allows you to either divide one photo up randomly or take photos for each segment.

If you’re the kind of person who likes your photos fast — and with that classic instax look — but you also like to keep a bit of control over what you print, the instax SQ20 might be just what you’re looking for. With the SQ20, you’ve got options — and the ability to both live in and capture the moment.

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