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Top 10 Selfie Dont's

Posted by Fujifilm Instax June 29, 2018

How many shots do you usually snap before you find a selfie you love? If you’re like most of us, it’s somewhere between 10 and 10 million. But when it comes to capturing your lovely face using your instax, you probably don’t want to use up several packs of film perfecting one shot. To help make sure you get the best representation of yourself on the first try, we recommend avoiding these common selfie blunders.

  1. Bad lighting
    Whether it’s a dark room, harsh fluorescents or an unflattering overhead lamp, poor lighting can ruin an otherwise gorgeous shot. The best lighting is natural sunlight, so turn your face towards a window or step outside.


  1. Fake smiles
    A forced smile will always look phony and unnatural. Before you press the button, think of something that makes you happy—like a pet, significant other, or your favorite memory with your best friend.


  1. Cluttered background
    Messy room? We’re not judging, but it’s probably best to leave it out of your selfie. A cluttered background can be distracting. Instead, step in front of a blank wall, closed door or, better yet, head to your favorite local view.


  1. Unnecessary flash
    Unless it’s nighttime, you’re in the shade, or you’re in a windowless room, you probably don’t need flash. Using flash when you’re already in optimal lighting conditions will wash out your features and make you look ghost-like.


  1. Bad angles
    The best way to take a selfie is to keep the camera close to eye level. If you angle the camera too low or too high, the shot will look awkward. (If you’ve ever seen those embarrassing Myspace photos from the early 2000s, you’ll know what we mean!)

  2. Unnatural facial expressions
    Making the “duck face”, kissy face, fake wink, or sideward stare will almost always ruin an otherwise great selfie. If you’re not in a smiling mood, go for a neutral expression or small smirk — both are more flattering, natural options.


  1. Poor posture
    Resist the urge to slouch or hunch over. Even if your photo is only from the neck up, bad posture shows. Instead, stand or sit with your back straight, shoulders squared and chin down.


  1. Tired pose
    There’s nothing wrong with having a “signature pose” or angling yourself to capture your “good side”— but do your best to switch it up. At the very least, consider varying facial expressions.


  1. Too much arm in frame
    When you take a photo from too high, too low, or too far away, chances are your arm will take up at least half the shot. Instead, bend your elbow at a 90-degree angle and take the photo straight-on.


  1. Over-criticizing
    We’re all our own worst critic, but over-analyzing every aspect of your face in a photo is a surefire way to talk yourself out of posting a great picture. Stop picking yourself apart and post that selfie! The world deserves to see more of your beautiful face.


  1. Now go forth and snap your next #selfiesunday masterpiece!

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