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Use Instant Photos to Channel Your Creativity

Posted by Fujifilm Instax December 16, 2014


A high-quality instant camera is your window to the world. It allows you to capture emotion as it happens and preserve it long after the moment has passed. 

If you haven’t used an instant camera for a while, here’s a look at what you’re missing. 

Easily preserve your memories.You probably have dozens of digital photo albums, but how many physical albums are displayed on your coffee table? Instant photos allow you to quickly create albums of your vacations, parties and friends’ weddings without the time and expense of printing the photos. Someday you’ll want something tangible to pass down to your grandchildren. Snapshots are a great way to start a family archive. 

Simplify thank you notes and cards. The next time you’re designated to record the gifts at your sister’s baby shower, bring along your instant camera instead of a notepad. You’ll be able to take photos of each gift as it’s opened and write down the givers’ names as you go, making it much easier to write personalised thank you notes. You can create greeting cards for all occasions, too. 

Customise gifts. Before you buy another set of wine glasses from the registry, consider adding flair to basic gifts with instant photos. Using just a few inexpensive materials, you can transform ordinary moments into extraordinary keepsakes. Examples include coasters, shadow boxes and customised frames. Create magnets and key chains for your friends and family. Check out etsy.com and Pinterest.com for inspiration.

Decorate. Turn an empty glass into a store-quality hurricane vase just by adding a photo. Fill empty kitchen walls with family photos framed by pie tins. Make your dull office cubicle pop with a photo board you can make in minutes. With instant photos and a little creativity, you can revitalise your surroundings without draining your bank account. 

Remember recipes. The next time you’re experimenting in the kitchen and don’t want to forget a successful creation, snap a photo and jot down the recipe on the back. Use a recipe box or binder to keep your collection growing. You can even swap ideas — and photos — with family and friends for an easy holiday cookbook. 

Plan parties. Use snapshots to create clever invitations, make your own photo booth and collaborate on a keepsake bulletin board or album. You can even plan themed parties around instant photos. Use them to record wine tastings, offer clues during scavenger hunts or just break the ice with introductions. 

High-quality instant cameras, such as the Instax mini cameras from Fujifilm, are as portable and simple to use as point-and-shoots. Their enhanced features allow you to transform a standard snapshot into a work of art. 

Find one that suits your style, and look for more great gift ideas at Fujifilm.com.au.

photo credit: Leah Lovell Green
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