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5 Ways to Use instax Filters to Complement Your Summer Photos

Posted by Fujifilm Instax February 10, 2016

Summer is in full swing, and you’re busy soaking up every moment. Whether you’re relaxing at home or out on the town, there is no doubt summer is one of the most enjoyable parts of the year. School’s out, the holidays have come and gone, and there is plenty to do (or not do).

You want to make your memories last, which is why your instax is the perfect summer companion. But did you know you can customise your images even more with different filters?

We’ve rounded up our best suggestions for pairing filters with your favourite summer activities. Personalise your photos and have a blast being creative!

1. Beach Blues

Summer is not complete without a trip to the beach. The sun and sand, the clear blue skies and the waves are the perfect summer backdrop where memories are made. Australia has so many beautiful beaches, so find your favourite and take along your instax.

Using a blue filter will enhance the blues found at the beach, adding a cool vibe to the photo by bringing out the natural blues. From the bustling shores of Bondi Beach to the tranquil coast of Mandalay Beach, these gorgeous waterfronts offer endless beauty for photographers.

2. Festival Fun

This is the season of festivals. Soak up as many as you can and add to the excitement by trying the split lens filter for your photos. Your pictures will pop by literally splitting the colours in your photos. Mix and match your favourite colours to capture the fun, food and many performances you experience along the way.

Using the split filter allows you to choose the best colours for the different lighting and decor and sets used at each festival.

3. Barbecue Bliss

A barbecue is a favourite Australian summer past time. Gather your mates and enjoy the outdoors. Choose your favourite meats and side dishes and take in the splendid weather while you wait for it all to cook. You can snap pictures of your finished product and savour your meal outside.

Red is a great filter for photographing food—it makes the meats in particular stand out. Arrange your dishes so you can get your whole feast on camera, and don’t forget to snap some shots of your guests, too.

4. Camping Cheer

Some of the best campsites are found in Australia, so enjoy them while the weather allows. Take a relaxing dip in the river, go hiking through the trails, end the night by the fire and fall asleep to the sounds of the cockatoos roosting. The amount of fun to be had camping is endless.

Surrounded by so much nature, the best filter colour for camping is green. Enhance the natural colours of the forests and campsites to make your spectacular views even more breathtaking.

5. Wildlife Wonders

Australia is known for its amazing wildlife. Whether you take in the incredible turtle nesting or whale watching by the sea, or enjoy up-close encounters with Tasmanian devils, koalas and kangaroos, these memorable experiences are at your fingertips.

Amplify your shots with a yellow filter to brighten wildlife images and capture these amazing creatures on film.

There are many summer adventures to be had, so don’t forget to bring your instax camera and a massive smile. Also, be sure to check out our favourite instax DIY projects in our guide, 3 Easy Ways to Show Off Your School Year Memories with instax.”

photo credit: @meohmygirl


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