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Sydney Photographer Prepares the Ultimate Wedding Gift

Posted by Fujifilm Instax February 21, 2015

As anyone who’s celebrated their nuptials is well aware, your wedding day flashes past quicker than the click of a shutter. In the haze of morning preparations, greetings, family toasts and dancing, it’s nearly impossible to take in all of the day’s most important moments.

More often than not, brides and grooms are so busy entertaining their guests they miss key happenings. Wedding photos serve as a special reminder of events you were too preoccupied to fully enjoy, or special memories you may have missed. However, it can be weeks or months before you receive the professional photos snapped by your photographer throughout the festivities.

In an effort to change this process, Sydney wedding photographer James Day now incorporates Fujifilm instax into his wedding day arsenal. Along with digital film, James shoots instant photos, which he then boxes up and provides to his clients at the end of the night.

Here are some of the benefits James’s instax wedding photos provide his clients:

Re-live the Moment Instantly

instax photos allow you to revel in the hilarity of your brother’s champagne-induced dance moves and the bridesmaids’ tussle over the bouquet toss moments after it happened. This instant replay concept adds another dimension of fun to the day as guests can gather around to laugh and enjoy each other’s ridiculous antics.

Easy Party Favours

Personalised mini jam jars and boxes of candy are great take-home gifts, but nothing delights people quite as much as a picture of themselves. Before the night ends, pass out photos to your guests. These instant keepsakes act as a treasured reminder of your special day, and likely something they will cherish immediately.

Immediate Sharing

Family, friends and co-workers who were not in attendance still likely want to see photos from the event. instax allows you to begin sharing wedding moments with others well before your digital photos make their way onto your Facebook account. Recount fun memories with loved ones while the wedding is still fresh in everyone’s mind.

While the quality and power of carefully edited, high resolution digital photos is undeniable, Fujifilm instax photos make a simple and entertaining accompaniment to any wedding day photo package. After all, who doesn’t love a little instant gratification?

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