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Where Can I Buy an instax Camera in Australia?

Posted by Fujifilm Instax April 14, 2016

Looking to buy an instax camera? You’re not alone. These trendy Fujifilm cameras allow you to capture your favourite moments and enjoy them in an instant using a Fujifilm instax camera. Compact and lightweight, these timeless instant cameras are perfect for recording every story and remembering every life chapter. Amazed is just one way to describe the feeling of watching a photo slowly develop and sharpen into focus in front of your eyes. Bring value into your collection of clear and glossy instax photos by sharing them with friends and family throughout generations.

Many stores across Australia carry instax cameras. Shop around to find the perfect model for your instant photography needs.

Use our store locator tool here to find the instax retailer nearest you.

Best of luck finding your new instax camera, and happy shooting!

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