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Why We Love Selfies (and You Should, Too!)

Posted by Fujifilm Instax October 19, 2018

The selfie craze—and social media, in general—has certainly transformed our culture and the ways we interact with one another. Via Facebook, Twitter and, most all, Instagram, people of all walks of life collectively post millions of self-shots every single day.

While some critics lament the phenomenon, we think it’s a great thing! Never before have people been so able to easily, cheaply and frequently express themselves. From validation to making memories to artistic expression, here are just a few of the reasons we love selfies—and why you should, too!



Face First

Other people’s faces always draw our attention, and in social media land, face-focused pictures get far more likes and comments—regardless of race, age or gender. The eyes are the “window to the soul,” after all, and whether the emotions displayed are positive or negative, viewing facial expressions offers a richer experience than viewing landscapes or material items.

Cultivating Image

The way other people see us isn’t always the way we see ourselves—but that doesn’t have to be the case! With properly planned selfies, you can cultivate your own image and show your “best side”—literally and figuratively—to the world.

Closeness with Others

Despite the name, the selfie can actually help us connect with other people—and not just through likes and comments. People meet close friends and significant others through social media all the time. Plus, taking a group selfie is a great way to encourage closeness with friends, relatives, coworkers and other important people in your life.

Couple Selfie                   @magdalenaharwik

Confidence Boost

There’s no harm in feeling good about yourself! Maybe you’ve won an award, lost weight or just had a good hair day. In any case, documenting your successes and sharing them with the world is a great way to boost your confidence.

Controlling the Shot

It’s nice to have at least few good photos of ourselves, particularly when we need to provide pictures for websites, photo IDs or newsletters. Hiring a pro is pricey, however, and trying to get your friend to take the perfect shot tends to be frustrating for both parties. Fortunately, selfies let you control the angles, and with selfie sticks and camera timers, you don’t have to worry about awkward arms-length poses.

Comedic Relief

Not every selfie will turn out exactly the way you expect—and that’s okay! Selfies gone “wrong” can actually end up being some of your funniest shots. Plus, there are always plenty of filters available for spicing up a photo and providing comedic relief.

Making Memories

Families and friends have long used traditional photos to hold on to cherished memories. Now that smartphones allow for easy, instantly accessible photography, you can use selfies to do the same thing. Just don’t forget to back up to the cloud!

Vacation Selfie                                        @robert_deliu

Artistic Expression

Portraits are excellent for conveying deep emotions, but traditional photography requires a subject. With a front-facing phone camera, however, you can be your own subject! Play with your lighting, filters, backgrounds and other variables to get the perfect artsy shot.

Want to learn how to take your best selfie yet? Check out our free guide, How to Take an Awesome Selfie with Your instax today! We’ve got tips and tricks you won’t wanna miss.


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