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Your Year in Review with instax

Posted by Fujifilm Instax December 7, 2018

2018 is quickly winding down, and it’s the perfect time to reminisce on a fun-filled year with family and friends. So collect your instax pics from this year and let’s get started!

Select Your Top 12

Choose your most memorable pic from each month of the year. It’ll be fun going through and remembering occasions from every part of the year. As you scour the images, invite your mates to choose theirs, and make it a night in filled with laughter as you look back on parties and special occasions.


Choose Your Display Method

Once you’ve narrowed it down, decide how you want to display your 2018 memories. You can scrapbook it, put it on a poster board to display at your NYE party, or even create awesome flat lays to add meaning to the photos.

Get Started

Put your images together, and let your creativity flow! Arrange them by month, and make sure each season is reflected. Don’t forget birthday parties, holidays, fun nights out, trips to the beach, and any other occasions you want to remember.

Get Creative

Once you’ve got the general layout down, it’s time to decorate! You can really add flair to each month by adding snowflakes to winter months, a Santa at Christmas, or a seashell from that beach trip. Adding real-life objects gives your final product a textured look.


Once you’ve completed your 2018 Year in Review, leave it out where it can easily be seen and enjoyed by visitors. Let friends check it out and find themselves in your memories!

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