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Fujifilm announces establishment of FUJIFILM Global Graphic Systems Co., Ltd.

March 23, 2016

FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO: Shigetaka Komori) will establish a new company, FUJIFILM Global Graphic Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter FFGS) as of October 1st, 2012. The new company will provide sales, marketing and technical services for Fujifilm graphic systems products for the worldwide market, to further enhance the graphic systems business, which is one of the priority businesses of FUJIFILM Corporation.

FFGS will be established through the integration of FUJIFILM Graphic Systems Co., Ltd. (President: Hitoshi Yoshida), a sales, marketing and technical services subsidiary for the Japanese market and FUJIFILM Simple Products Co., Ltd. (President: Yukihito Abiru), a development and sales subsidiary of print production workflow software. In addition to this, the new company will have the responsibility for sales, marketing and technical services for overseas markets.

The products and services that FFGS will provide to the worldwide markets are:

- Printing plates, graphic arts film, platesetters, processers and chemicals for commercial offset printing applications such as brochures, magazines, newspapers

- Wide-format inkjet printers and consumables for posters, POP, window displays and other goods

- Print on demand equipment for short-run jobs and variable printing

- Inkjet digital press

- Printing production workflow, page layout software

- Digital imaging systems for printed circuit boards, photomask materials

- Technical support and services

In recent years, printing jobs are becoming shorter-run and diversified due to increasingly sophisticated customer needs. Under these circumstances, market expectation has shifted to "solution", such as unified workflow, colour management or technical support on top of the traditional printing processes, rather than product distribution. This trend is not limited to developed countries, but is also expected in emerging countries where rapid economic growth is observed. 

To further develop the graphic systems business, the new company will extend its sales, marketing and technical service capabilities to overseas market, utilizing wealth of experience it has accumulated in the Japanese market. Over the next three years, Fujifilm targets 300 billion yen, up by 30% from current revenues.

Fujifilm is fully committed to developing innovative products and services by utilising leading-edge, proprietary technologies that contribute to the advancement of the printing industry.

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