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Fujifilm launches XR-1200F developer waste reduction & water re-use unit at drupa 2012

January 29, 2012

FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO: Shigetaka Komori) today announces the launch of its XR-1200F developer waste reduction & water re-use system at drupa 2012 (Dusseldorf, Germany, May 3rd -16th). The XR-1200F unit is designed to reduce pre-press developer waste*1 and water use for printers using plate production systems requiring chemistry.

The introduction of the XR-1200F unit is the result of Fujifilm’s “Design for Environment” strategy which has, as a core philosophy, the reduction of the impact of Fujifilm products on the environment. This strategy has seen the launch and subsequent enhancement and extension of Fujifilm’s processless and low chemistry plate production systems, including the highly successful Brillia HD PRO-T and PRO-V plates and Brillia HD LH- PJE/PLE/PXE and FLH-Z ‘ZAC’ processor systems. With the launch of the XR-1200F, Fujifilm is in the unique position of going one step further. Used in combination with any Fujifilm plate production system using chemistry, this unit can reduce water use and waste disposal costs even further.

The XR-1200F system works by separating plate chemistry into ‘concentrated waste’, reducing it by 70 to 90%*2, and ‘distilled water’ that can be reused either in the plate production process, or in other parts of the printing process. This results in a significant reduction in waste and water usage.

The XR-1200F is based on ‘Low pressure / Low temperature distillation’ using a ‘heat pump’ system that has been developed from technologies found in our ‘ZAC’ processors. It offers printers the following benefits:

  • Reduces waste volume
  • Reduces the cost of waste treatment
  • Reduces water consumption as the distilled water can be reused in the processor
  • Reduces CO2 emissions generated by the transport and incineration of waste

Yasufumi Morimoto, senior engineering manager, Graphic Systems Division at Fujifilm’s headquarters in Tokyo comments, “By adding the XR- 1200F system to our product portfolio, we are expanding the options available to printers to further minimise their impact on the environment, reduce costs and extend their ability to promote their sustainability efforts upstream to their own customers. We are looking forward to welcoming printers to see for themselves how this system can help them at drupa 2012.”

Thanks to an unprecedented investment programme in R&D and manufacturing, Fujifilm is now able to offer the most complete, high quality, and environmentally-friendly range of CTP plate products in the industry. Backed up by a world-wide support infrastructure and plate manufacturing capability, Fujifilm has developed a platform to build on its position as the number one plate supplier in the market.

  • Processing capacity : 1.2 L/h
  • Dimensions : 419 mm (W) x 476 mm (D) x 722 mm (H)
  • Weight : Operational 70kg
  • Power : 220-240V 0.5kW

*1 Only for use with Fujifilm Brillia HD LH-PJE, Brillia HD LH-PLE and Brillia HD LH-PXE plates processed using Fujifilm developer

*2 Maximum value under standard conditions

The XR-1200F unit is commercially available in Q2 CY2012.

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