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Fujifilm Australia enters flexo plate market with FLENEX series

November 10, 2015

FUJIFILM Australia has entered the flexographic plate market with the local release of its FLENEX range, following a very successful launch in the US last year and in Europe last month at Labelexpo.

FLENEX plates offer a sustainable and total solution for package printing in both narrow and wider web markets. The major flexo plate making methods are addressed:

  • FLENEX FW digital LAM water wash-out
  • FLENEX FW analogue water wash-out for conventional exposure

The FW plates are available in thicknesses of 1.14mm, 1.70mm, 2.54mm and 2.84mm. Standard plate sizes vary from 533mm x 508mm up to 1067mm x 1524mm depending on analogue or digital applications. FLENEX uses a unique combination of photopolymers and a rubber compound, resulting in very sharp flat-topped dots, with steep shoulders, that are oxygen-resistant and capable of between four and ten times longer print runs than conventional water and solvent wash-out products. Printed images are brighter and with smoother gradations at anything up to 200lpi with halftone dots from 1% to 99% on FW-L media.

The water-washable FLENEX system ensures a solvent-free prepress environment and very fast plate processing/drying time of, on average, 40 minutes. Other advantages include very good ink transfer, superior compatibility with UV, water-based, and solvent flexo inks, wear resistance and the ability to consistently maintain good product quality even when printing long-run jobs. FW LAM plates are compatible will all CtFP setters from Esko, Screen, Xeikon and Kodak.

The environmental benefit of water wash-out and the elimination of wicking cloth as used in thermal techniques translates into lower overall cost of making flexo or letterpress plates for label and packaging printers.

Richard Ramirez, Fujifilm Australia’s National Prepress Manager says: “We are delighted to be releasing the Flenex range of flexography plates in Australia. They fit so well with the packaging industry’s – and Fujifilm’s – environmental goals in using no solvents or VOCs at all. On top of this, the dot range and shape, and therefore the image quality is brilliant. Overall, with water washout, shorter process and drying time and longer durability, costs of making quality flexo plates capable of photographic rendition will also come down.”

Trials have already begun in Australia with customers finding Fujifilm’s new FLENEX plates are delivering on it’s promise. Please contact Fujifilm Australia for further information.

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