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Tilia Labs and Fujifilm Global Graphic Systems announce distribution agreement to sell Phoenix in Japan

April 28, 2015

Fujifilm Global Graphic Systems* announced today an exclusive distribution agreement to sell Canadian company Tilia Lab Inc.'s innovative imposition and planning solution, Phoenix, in Japan.

"It is a great pleasure to be partnering with Fujifilm and begin offering Phoenix to the Japanese market. Increasing automation and efficiency has always been a core driving force in our product development. Phoenix goes a long way to speed up the planning and imposition stages of production, and combined with Fujifilm Workflow XMF, this automation can be extended all the way to RIP," explains Sagen de Jonge, CEO at Tilia Labs. "We have talked with many printers who are struggling with difficult and cumbersome processes simply because there is nothing better available. These tools close this gap, streamlining workflows and significantly reducing costs and overhead."

Phoenix is Imposition and Planning United. Designed for a variety of work types such as packaging, labels, tags, wide format and more, Phoenix drastically cuts cost by reducing pre-press time, waste, and even post-press. With Phoenix's sophisticated set of ganging tools, accurate estimates can be generated in minutes and then re-used for final touches in pre-press. Phoenix also has specific integration with XMF allowing for seamless pass off via JDF to Fujifilm's workflow.

"At Tilia Labs we believe success is all about the people and partners you work with. It's a great honor to be working with Fujifilm" continues Sagen, "I feel we share many of the same goals and will be able to provide customers with compelling and exciting solutions that will not only save them money, but also make for a better and more enjoyable production experience."

"We are excited about launching Phoenix into the Japanese market. Combined with Fujifilm Workflow XMF V6.1 with Adobe Mercury RIP Architecture, which has already been well accepted in the market, we will be initially targeting mainly Folding Carton applications, but we are foreseeing its capability for wider applications in the future. Phoenix is our choice to jump into the Folding Carton segment due mainly to its ease-of-use and rapid development cycle. We are confident that the combination of XMF and Phoenix will be a great help to the efficiency of customers' production workflow." comments Shigenori Tsuji, Senior Vice President of Workflow Division of Fujifilm Global Graphic Systems.

*About Fujifilm Global Graphic Systems

As one of the core businesses of Fujifilm, Fujifilm Global Graphic Systems (here after FFGS) is comprised of professionals who provide sales and customer support services for printing systems on a global scale. FFGS offers printing systems, which are unique in the diversity of their product lineup. From advanced digital presses to CTP, from hardware & software to materials & chemistry, all products deliver industry-leading performance without exception.

About Tilia Labs

Founded in 2012, Tilia Labs is a developer of software solutions for the printing industry with a fresh approach to solving longstanding bottlenecks in the production process. At the heart of this approach is our unique ability to fuse highly advanced algorithms with modern, intuitive design to produce software with power and simplicity.

Our flagship software, Phoenix, unites planning and imposition steps with ganging tools that find cost-optimal layouts and pre-press tools designed to eliminate errors and get everything ready for print. Phoenix is distributed by partners and authorized resellers worldwide.

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