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Fujifilm Enters Healthcare Field

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. (President: Shigetaka Komori; hereinafter, “Fujifilm”) has announced that it has entered the healthcare field. It will expand its life science business, one of the growing businesses it is actively pursuing, built on its unique and distinctive technologies and products.

Fujifilm marks its entry into the healthcare business with the launch of “F Square i”, a series of three functional skin care cosmetics, and “F Cube i”, a series of nine internal care products. These products will go on sale on September 28, 2006.

Fujifilm has conducted a wide range of business activities with its corporate philosophy; “We will use leading-edge, proprietary technologies to help ensure the quality of life of people worldwide.” In its life science business, in particular, it has conducted research with the aim of creating a society where people everywhere can live their lives richly with a feeling of completeness and satisfaction, both physically and spiritually. With an increasing number of people becoming health-conscious, the demand for sophisticated, high quality products and services is also on the rise. As an example of realization of its corporate philosophy, Fujifilm has concentrated its comprehensive strength to respond to these needs.

Fujifilm possesses a broad spectrum of core technologies accumulated over many years of research and development of photosensitive materials. These technologies have deep involvement in the life of human beings and can be effectively applied to the healthcare field. The following are examples of Fujifilm's proprietary and distinctive technologies.

  1. The concept of FTD technology Each color film has more than a dozen layers of emulsion coated on a film base all within a thickness of 15 microns. Producing colors in specific layers and orchestrating chemicals to react in certain locations at will are among Fujifilm's hallmark technologies. In the healthcare field, few efforts have been applied to promote absorption and penetration so as to maximize the efficacy of functional ingredients, which are more often than not natural ingredients. The concept of FTD (Formulation, Targeting and Delivery; formulating functional ingredients and materials and delivering them to targeted locations in a timely and effective manner in fresh and stable conditions. Using the concept of FTD as its core value, Fujifilm will develop high-quality products which are superior in absorption, penetration and stability.
  2. Control of free radicals The ability to increasing the sensitivity of photo film and make possible the preservation of photo prints for 100 years---among the key scientific principles in photography---is the result of the control of the free radicals that causes the deterioration of substances. After years of research, Fujifilm has achieved notable technologies to control free radicals, such as the use of vitamin C as a reducing agent. Now that free radicals have been implicated in aging, metabolic syndromes, cancer and other disorders, Fujifilm will apply this technology to suppress hazardous free radicals in various products in the healthcare field.
  3. Collagen research The primary raw material for photographic film is derived from the same ingredients as collagen, which is an integral part of the human body. In its Life Science Laboratories, Fujifilm is researching a number of aspects of collagen. Through its recent advances in genetic engineering, Fujifilm has succeeded in reproducing exactly the same collagen peptide as is found in human bodies. Researches on applications of this peptide in skincare and pharmaceuticals are currently underway.

Through these core technologies, Fujifilm will move beyond functional skincare cosmetics and functional internal care products to explore many realms of advanced medical care and expand its life science business. Fujifilm aims to enhance the quality of life of people by expanding its business domain from “taking pictures of lives” to “curing lives” and “protecting lives.”
* Fujifilm possess various technologies including “solubilization of detergents” “nano diffusion and emulsification”, and “stabilization against oxidation, heat, and water.” These are combined to display their optimum effects to match each application.

Applying its various core technologies, Fujifilm will market products that beautify the body both inside and out, as an initial entry into the healthcare field. Fujifilm's various core technologies are applied to the products. The main products are as follows:

  • [Functional skincare cosmetics: “F Square i”Series] ( 3 products)
  • [Functional internal care products: “F Cube i” Series] ( 9 products)

To market its healthcare products, Fujifilm established Fujifilm Healthcare Laboratory (President: Yuzo Toda; Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo: Capital: 50 million yen; wholly owned by Fujifilm) on August 8 this year. This company conducts mail order (Internet, telephone) sales of the above products. These products will be marketed only in Japan.

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