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Fujifilm Confirms Client Focus With New Service Model

FUJIFILM Australia has launched a new medical service and support structure to meet the demand and growing popularity of its Synapse® imaging informatics in Australia. The refreshed framework incorporates project management, training, customer support and remote servicing of the entire Synapse product range.

fujifilm medical supportFujifilm Synapse is a comprehensive web-based medical imaging and information management system that integrates a Radiology Information System (RIS), Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS), Mobility, Cardiovascular (CV), Medical Image eXchange (MIX), and 3D imaging without the need for a dedicated 3D workstation.

The announcement comes as part of Fujifilm’s commitment to provide unrivalled levels of customer service and support.

The new structure sees a dedicated medical service and support team of 30 support staff and applications specialists working closely with two newly-created product sales specialist roles to set world-class benchmarks for client service.

In response to market demand and client feedback from the 2012 Cardiac Society Australia and New Zealand (CSANZ) conference, customers will now have immediate access to Fujifilm’s Medical Help Desk and highly trained engineering support.

According to Sturt Eastwood, General Manager of Fujifilm Medical Systems in Australia, the move comes as Fujifilm reinvigorates its plans for the domestic market and an increasing number of clients are realising the benefits of Fujifilm’s Synapse informatics solutions across the radiology and cardiovascular community.

“The quality and robustness of our solutions is impressive, and the marketplace is responding well to the integrated nature of the various Synapse platforms and associated R&D roadmaps. To enhance our support of the entire client relationship we have now bolstered the service and support side of the equation and look forward to an exciting future. Every project starts with our commitment to fully understand customer needs and a clear focus on the development of a productive, collaborative and long-term partnership,” said Eastwood.

“Fujifilm has always been known in Australia for its technology and innovations. In fact, Fujifilm invented the world’s first digital radiography system in 1983. This passion for excellence remains at the core of all we do and continues to this day,” concluded Eastwood.

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