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Fujifilm receives TGA approval on new Point Of Care X-ray Unit “FDR Xair”, launching in Oceania

Sydney, Australia, (July 9th, 2020) FUJIFILM Australia Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that it has received TGA approval for its new portable X-ray unit “FDR Xair” which weighs just 3.5kg. The FDR Xair will be launched in Oceania from July 2020. Globally, the FDR Xair is designed to meet the growing needs of home healthcare due to an aging population. In addition, it will contribute to the rapidly increasing global demand during COVID-19 for portable X-ray devices enabling diagnosis and clinical decision making. Surein Fernando, Division Manager, Medical Systems FUJIFILM said, “The COVID-19 situation has created a need to move care closer to the community, specially for our vulnerable elderly in order to minimise the possibility of cross infections. Point of care solutions such the FDR Xair are revolutionising the creation of new models of care, by supporting clinicians to deliver care in the community”.

The FDR Xair was originally developed with a focus on home healthcare and launched in Japan in October 2018. It is lightweight, compact, and has a built-in battery which can be used with or without a power source. With its excellent portability and operability, it has been utilised in the areas of home healthcare and emergency medical care. By combining with Fujifilm’s cassette DR “FDR D-EVO II”, high-quality X-ray images can be acquired even at a low dose. The FDR D-EVO II utilizes the ISS method*1 and the Noise Reduction Circuit*2 which are Fujifilm’s unique image processing technologies. FUJIFILM Australia’s Senior Product Manager, Greg Canty commented, "The FDR Xair is an ideal solution which will provide the opportunity to enhance patient outcomes in aged care, remote sites and the rapidly developing home healthcare sectors. Clinicians will be able to make on the spot informed decisions about patient care and the need to transport to hospital”. Fujifilm aims to contribute to reducing the burden placed on doctors and medical staff who need to carry the X-ray devices to conduct the examination, as well as reducing the radiation exposure for patients.

Index Award

*FDR Xair has won various design awards, including “reddot”, “IDEA”,” iF”, and “Index” for its unique and practical design that contributes to the improvement of medical care beyond its stylish body. The uniqueness of FDR Xair is not only for the external design, but also for its simplicity and the intuitive operability for portable X-ray examinations in unconventional medical scenes.

※1 Equipped with Fujifilm’s proprietary Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) technology, which positions its capture electronics (TFTs) at the irradiation side, in contrast to traditional detectors. This design significantly suppresses scattering and attenuation of X-ray signals, improving efficiency to produce sharper images at lower doses compared to conventional methods. ※2 The uniquely developed noise reduction circuit reduces noise in the image.


About FUJIFILM Australia FUJIFILM Australia is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging products and medical informatics solutions to meet the needs of healthcare facilities today and well into the future. From an unrivalled selection of digital x-ray systems to the Synapse brand of PACS, and Cardiovascular products, to advanced women's health imaging systems, Fujifilm has products that are ideal for any size imaging environment. FUJIFILM Australia supplies high quality, technologically advanced endoscopes to the medical market. Fujifilm is also a leading provider of vendor-neutral, enterprise-wide solutions for unrestricted medical image management. 

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