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Gearhouse Focuses on Fujinon 4K Lenses

SYDNEY, 5 September 2018 – Gearhouse Broadcast has continued its commitment to enhancing its cutting edge lens inventory with another major purchase of FUJINON 4K lenses. These include a significant number of new UA107x8.4BESM lenses, the latest UA14x4.5BERD lenses, multiple UA24x7.8BERD lenses - the longest and lightest 4K lens for its size in its class – and several of the newly released UA46x9.5BERD lens with its class-leading 46x zoom ratio and unique OS-TECH image stabiliser.

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Gearhouse Broadcast’s Ben Quelch explained, “The FUJINON UA14s and UA24s went through extensive testing to ensure they reach the highest standards expected by our customers. This was carried out both in our workshop and in the field. The UA46s will go through the same rigorous testing process.”

FUJINON national sales manager for optical devices Simon Becker said, “We are delighted that Gearhouse are continuing their commitment to and use of FUJINON lenses. They truly are a global leader in their field and the fact that our lenses play such an important part within their overall offering is very positive for both companies.”

This isn’t Gearhouse’s first major purchase of high-end FUJINON 4K lenses, the company has been investing in these lenses for some time.

Quelch continued, “The current set of FUJINON lenses were purchased to increase our current 4K stock offering to customers and as a result of the growing global demand we’re seeing for 4K and UHD content acquisition. The UA14s and UA24s are lighter in weight than many of the other 4K UHD lenses on the market and better suit the handheld and RF camera set ups we offer. The UA46 lenses will also ensure that Gearhouse continues to achieve its goal of always being able to supply our clients with the latest and best products on the market.”

Clearly Gearhouse is one of the world leaders in the production arena and it’s with this position in mind that, according to Quelch, the choices of equipment and in particular lenses are made.

He added, “These lenses will be used in production of live or near-live content along with pre-recorded studio shows. Their delivery comes in time for some of this year’s largest live events which Gearhouse Broadcast is facilitating. Gearhouse constantly strives to invest in the best equipment and as such have chosen to purchase these FUJINON 4K lenses to provide our global customer base with highest image quality and productions.”

Not only are the new FUJINON lenses are an ideal fit with Gearhouse’s high production standards and values, but their specs are also something Quelch sees as worth highlighting as a major advantage.

He said, “The UA24x7.8BERD is world's smallest and lightest broadcast lens supporting 4K and the UA46x9.5BERD with its newly designed OS-TECH image stabiliser provides the most advanced image stabilisation for a lens in this class. It also offers the longest zoom of any lens in this category and is a big advancement on the previous 42x HD version, bringing many benefits not only in image quality but zoom range to our customers who are looking to use this format.”

With Gearhouse now using a majority of FUJINON lenses worldwide Ben Quelch sees the technology partnership not only moving forward but growing as he concluded, “FUJINON and Gearhouse have built a great relationship, which enables us to bring the best selection of lenses to our clients in the growing 4K UHD market we are seeing globally. FUJINON’s commitment to producing only the very highest quality products is something Gearhouse customers will enjoy for some considerable time to come.”


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FUJINON UA107x8.4BESM 4K lens and Gearhouse Broadcast HD OB supertruck





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