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Mobile TV Group Has Added: 13 Fujinon Lenses to Newest 40HDX and 2 Fujinon 4K UA107x’s To 39 Flex Mobile Units

1_MobileTV.jpgFresh on the heels of a purchase of 12 FUJINON lenses this spring, Mobile TV Group (MTVG) has added two UA107x8.4 (UA107x) 4K UHD lenses onto its 39 Flex 4K mobile unit and 13 FUJINON HD lenses to its newest 40HDX HD production truck – set to launch late next month.

The new 40HDX is outfitted with three XA99x8.4 BESM-T ultra-wide field production lenses, six XA77x9.5BESM telephoto field lenses, two ZA17x7.6BERD telephoto lenses with 2X extender, and two HA18x5.5BERD wide-angle zoom lenses with 2X extender. Lenses on 40HDX are matched with Grass Valley LDX cameras.

While 39 Flex was built to take a big step forward in 4K production, 40HDX is an addition to MTVG’s more traditional high definition fleet – albeit a highly advanced unit with four Super Slo-mo cameras and replay, said Philip Garvin, GM of MTVG and Colorado Studios: “Our clients expect us to provide new mobile units on a regular basis, allowing us to retire older trucks. The decision to add FUJINON lenses to 40HDX was based on our excellent experience with the Fujinon lenses on 39 Flex.”

The company’s 39 Flex was the first mobile unit built from the ground up for 4K live sports production.


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