Taronga Zoo signs new supply and sponsorship deal with Fujifilm Australia - Includes enhanced visitor experiences

new supply and sponsorship deal
SYDNEY, 11 July 2012 – Fujifilm today announced that the Taronga Conservation Society of Australia (Taronga Zoo) had signed a new multi-year supply and sponsorship deal with the company. The deal comes after a significant assessment and evaluation period by the Sydney tourism and conservation icon and the result of a successful RFP process.

Fujifilm Australia Attractions and Events, Key Account Manager Amanda Cowley said, “This is a major coup for Fujifilm and we are delighted to be a significant part of the Taronga Zoo experience. Taronga Zoo’s evaluation process involved finding an organisation compatible with Taronga’s goals, objectives and values. We also put forward several proposals on how we could help the public’s overall experience at the zoo.Now, as aChampion Sponsor of the Taronga Conservation Society of Australia, our sponsorship also allows Fujifilm the opportunity to best support Taronga Zoo’s conservation and research initiatives.”

One of the zoo’s enhanced visitor experiences that involves Fujifilm is Animal Encounters. Here visitors can get close up to a koala, feed a giraffe or have a unique opportunity to meet and learn about Taronga Zoo’s reptiles.

Cowley continued, “Taronga Zoo needed a partner to support the Animal Encounters experience where visitors talk with a keeper, meet the animals and receive a strong conservation message. It’s a real interactive experience for the public and all the while Taronga Zoo staff photographers, who are Fujifilm-trained, are taking pictures. Then, once the Animal Encounter is over, the visitors can go to the Fujifilm counter to collect their photographs and gift products instantly. Every paying customer gets one framed photograph as part of the Animal Encounter package with Fujifilm supplying the complete solution from capturing the picture to printing them out. Our customised software system was tailored to Taronga Zoo’s workflow so all of the staff have the most user-friendly experience possible and the zoo’s retail opportunities are easily maximised, directly supporting the Zoo’s programs.”

For those animals that aren’t quite as easy to be photographed with, Taronga Zoo offers an interactive green screen studio using Fujifilm-supplied specialist green screen technology.

Cowley explained, “The green screen studio is where visitors can have their picture taken with some of the zoo’s most amazing and endangered animals including rhinos, gorillas, tigers and just about any wild animal in the safety and comfort of a professional photographic studio. The result is a magical photograph. Again Fujifilm supplied Taronga Zoo with the complete capture to print solution and our custom software platform also allows beautiful Sydney backdrops, such as the Harbour Bridge and Opera House to be added in. This attraction, like Animal Encounters, highlights Taronga Zoo’s wildlife experiences and is a lot of fun for adults, children and families alike.”

As part of Fujifilm’s new supply and sponsorship agreement, the company has also developed and implemented an enhanced social media offering for Taronga Zoo.

Amanda Cowley concluded, “Now, when a visitor purchases an Animal Encounter or green screen photograph, the picture is automatically uploaded online to Taronga Zoo and Fujifilm’s fujiFUN photo sharing websites where the visitor can access their image using a unique photo claim number. Once they access their picture they can then post it on Facebook® or use it as part of a customised e-card – all for free. This solution, as with all the Fujifilm solutions at Taronga Zoo, is supplied and powered by Fujifilm’s Imaging Division and CloudNET online technology.”

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Taronga Zoo’s Animal Encounters and photo processing experience

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