Fujifilm Frontier LP5700R: A high volume, standalone print processor with a compact footprint

Frontier LP5700RThe Fujifilm Frontier LP5700R is a high volume, standalone print processor with an incredibly compact footprint making it ideal for labs requiring high productivity and high quality for both prints and enlargements.

FUJIFILM Senior Category Manager – Hardware, Daniel Paul, said the Frontier LP5700R has been engineered for greater productivity in order to minimise customer waiting times without compromising print quality.

“The Frontier LP5700R offers a high speed processing capacity of up to 2040 prints, despite having a compact 1.2m² footprint. The compact dimensions and three-sided maintenance provides greater flexibility and space efficiency in a retail store layout,” Mr Paul said.

“With a fast, yet energy efficient drying system - including dry-to-dry time in just 82 seconds – drop off, processing and pick up can be completed in a single trip by customers,”Mr Paul said.

“The Frontier LP5700R also includes 12 x 18 inch print capability with a dry-to-dry time of 107 seconds.

“Other elements include a high speed conveyor belt, highly efficient multi-path chemical processing system and FUJIFILM’s proprietary Image Intelligence™ which automatically compensates for problematic conditions such as poor lighting, backlighting, high contrast and underexposure or overexposure. Image Intelligence™ also makes skin tones more natural and facial expressions more distinct.”

Mr Paul said the Fujifilm Frontier LP5700R produces sharp, high resolution images with pure, vivid colours.

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