Fujifilm 3D Print System delivers high quality, natural 3D images quickly and easily

Fujifilm has introduced a 3D Print System that enables quick and easy printing of high quality, natural 3D images captured using a 3D digital camera.

The Fujifilm 3D Print System is ideal for offering 3D photography at tourist sites, theme parks, events and other leisure facilities that provide on-site printing services.

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Photo Gifts: An innovative way to maximise impact of your favourite snaps this Christmas

If you’re looking to make an impact this Christmas, personalised Photo Gifts are an innovative way to impress family and friends while maximising the use of your favourite photos.

With almost 600 photo gift choices available, one of this year’s most popular ideas is expected to be personalised children’s DVDs where your child can be the star alongside one of their favourite television characters.

Other new photo gift ideas include woven cushions, tote bags, wall-hangings and throw blankets that are custom-made to incorporate your special photos.

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Fujifilm now an exclusive photographic supplier for Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

FUJIFILM Australia announced today that it is now an exclusive photographic supplier for the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Queensland Gold Coast.

FUJIFILM Australia Regional Business Manager, Nick Martland, said the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has been equipped with a state-of-the-art FUJIFILM Frontier DL450 Dry Minilab which will accommodate their need for high performance, high speed production and low maintenance equipment. “Professional photographers from the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary offer a service to capture photos of visitors with such animals as koalas, snakes and birds. “With its capacity to produce up to 950 prints per hour (4” x 6” print size), high quality photos can now be professionally printed on the Frontier DL450. “The technology used in the Frontier DL450 eliminates the use of hazardous chemicals and water for print processing,” Mr Martland said. ...2/... Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Chief Executive Officer, Jonathon Fisher, said the organisation had been building a relationship with FUJIFILM for many years and was their first choice as a photographic supplier. “We have been very impressed with the professionalism of FUJIFILM and all their staff involved in this initiative, including the fact that there was no down time during the installation period,” Mr Fisher said. In addition to being an exclusive photographic supplier, FUJIFILM is now also a sponsor of the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, contributing to such areas as research, signage and the establishment of new photo opportunities. Mr Martland said FUJIFILM Australia recognises the value and importance of initiatives such as the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary which provides a rare opportunity to see and experience our native wildlife in a bushland and rainforest environment. “We are very proud to be associated with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and look forward to working with them in the future,” he said.

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Fujifilm bizziBOX: The ultimate portable event photography solution for printing anywhere, any time

The Fujifilm bizziBOX™ is a portable event photography solution that enables on-the-spot printing anywhere, any time.

Incorporating Fujifilm’s “Event” software that can be customised to your business, the Fujifilm bizziBOX™ comprises a Fujifilm camera, a dye sub printer, PC and keyboard, plus two convenient built-in side tables - all housed in a portable robust road case with wheels.

The Fujifilm bizziBOX™ is a user-friendly system that can process 6 x 4 inch and 6 x 8 inch prints fast and conveniently.

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Self serve photo books available while you wait with the new Instant Photo Book Maker

The FUJIFILM Instant Photo Book Maker enables consumers to create their own self-serve photo books that can be available in just minutes, revolutionising the way long lasting photo albums are produced.

Developed by the KIS Photo-Me Group and distributed in Australia by FUJIFILM, the Instant Photo Book Maker incorporates cutting edge software combined with the latest digital imaging technology to produce high quality photo books in minutes.

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FUJIFILM state-of-the-art DPC kiosks provide solutions for a range of retail business models

FUJIFILM’s state-of-the-art DPC kiosks provide a total solution for a range of retail business models, ensuring stores are well-equipped to capitalise on future growth in this segment.

With more than 6,000 FUJIFILM DPC kiosks installed nationwide, they are now one of the most popular methods used by consumers to order photographs in Australian retail stores.

FUJIFILM Senior Category Manager – Hardware, Daniel Paul, said two DPC systems will be showcased at the 2010 Digital Life Expo – FUJIFILM DPC NXT and FUJIFILM DPC XTR.

FUJIFILM DPC NXT- customised for your business needs

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Instant Photo Book Maker

Self-serve photo books available while-you-wait with the new Instant Photo Book Maker

Consumers will shortly have access to self-serve photo books that will be available in just minutes, courtesy of a new system known as the Instant Photo Book Maker.

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Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Pearl Paper

New Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Pearl Paper™ yields high quality glossy professional commercial prints

Fujifilm will shortly introduce its new Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Pearl Paper™ - a new silver halide colour photo paper suitable for professional commercial prints.

Fujifilm Product Manager – Paper & Chemistry, Jennifer Chan, said the new Pearl Paper has been designed exclusively for digital output and will be available in Australia from September this year.

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Fujiflex Crystal Archive Printing Material

Fujiflex Crystal Archive Printing Material - exclusively for large format professional colour printing

Fujiflex Crystal Archive Printing Material is a super-glossy polyester-based (PET) silver halide material optimised for professional colour printing of large displays, advertisements and exhibition prints - designed exclusively for digital output on large format laser printers.

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Fujifilm introduces the new DPC8 kiosk

Fujifilm introduces the new DPC8 kiosk - the latest innovative solution to accommodate digital printing needs

The DPC8 kiosk is Fujifilm's latest innovative self-serve print ordering terminal developed to accommodate increasingly diverse digital camera printing needs.

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