FUJIFILM state-of-the-art DPC kiosks provide solutions for a range of retail business models

FUJIFILM’s state-of-the-art DPC kiosks provide a total solution for a range of retail business models, ensuring stores are well-equipped to capitalise on future growth in this segment.

With more than 6,000 FUJIFILM DPC kiosks installed nationwide, they are now one of the most popular methods used by consumers to order photographs in Australian retail stores.

FUJIFILM Senior Category Manager – Hardware, Daniel Paul, said two DPC systems will be showcased at the 2010 Digital Life Expo – FUJIFILM DPC NXT and FUJIFILM DPC XTR.

FUJIFILM DPC NXT- customised for your business needs

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Fujifilm introduces the new DPC8 kiosk

Fujifilm introduces the new DPC8 kiosk - the latest innovative solution to accommodate digital printing needs

The DPC8 kiosk is Fujifilm's latest innovative self-serve print ordering terminal developed to accommodate increasingly diverse digital camera printing needs.

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