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The Fujifilm X-T1 has received excellent reviews from a wide range of users since launch. The excellent build, retro design, intuitive controls and outstanding image quality combine to form a package which has delighted professional and enthusiast photographers across the world.

We have received feedback from a number of customers of a potential “flare effect” with the camera.

When the connector cover (which is used for the microphone / remote release jack, HDMI mini jack, and micro USB connector jack) is open while images are being shot by the user, and when a strong light source
is concurrently shone into the open port at a certain angle, light can be reflected within the camera and appear on the LCD and even on recorded images via the sensor.

This “flare effect” cannot generally occur if the connector door is closed at the time the camera is being used, so many users will never experience this phenomenon.

Moreover, the “flare effect” is only applicable with a limited number of early produced X-T1 cameras. More recently produced X-T1 cameras have already been modified.

If you have purchased an X-T1 camera, and would like your camera checked, please contact Fujifilm Australia on 1800 226 355 and press option 4 to make arrangements to have your camera sent in for evaluation. Our technical staff will inspect your camera and, if necessary, make the necessary adjustments to the camera to prevent the ingress of light in the described conditions. This service will be carried out free of charge.

We apologize to any of our loyal customers that may be affected by this inconvenience. Now that we have discovered this issue, we want to act quickly and proactively to check your camera, and to make repairs to prevent the potential “flare effect” if and as necessary.

Please rest assured of Fujifilm’s absolute commitment to quality and service excellence.

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