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State of the art post production facility Deluxe Sydney recently completed Hugh Jackman’s The Wolverine undertaking data management and dailies production. A significant part of this project involved using Fujifilm LTO tape for archive, storage and secure data management.

Deluxe EFILM’s Sydney Onset Data Manager Simon Alberry explained, “LTO is a prerequisite for the major Hollywood studios and bond agents for the archiving of camera raw data during production. Once we were awarded The Wolverine contract for data management and dailies production we went to work customising our proven workflow to the client’s production needs and incorporating industry best practice methods for data workflow and data security - this included the option to archive to LTO-5 onset. Fujifilm LTO-5 tapes have a proven track record with us here at EFILM Sydney and our partners internationally as we have been using Fujifilm LTO-5 tapes since their release with superb results, so they were the ideal choice for this project.”

EFILM Internationally has developed utilities to manage the archive database and facilitate efficient post-production management of metadata and selective restoration for projects industry-wide. Their highly successful processes include following well-proven workflows, selecting the best professional media products available and having excellent relationships with suppliers.

Alberry continued, “On The Wolverine we established a data volume and shoot ratio based on the runtime hour per camera in RAW. With this established, the volumes dictated to some extent the need for 24 hour a day archival and verification routines. These data workflows have proven themselves well during the shooting period with robust systems in place to guarantee data parity and integrity. Fujifilm LTO stock is the best on the market was the fastest available to write, restore and verify the over 3TB of data expected per day. Fortunately for us Fujifilm has a very effective supply system that ensures we were never left short of stock. We have a long term relationship with Fujifilm because they consistently deliver high quality products, sales service and post sales service.”

The Wolverine project ran for just over 18 weeks and when complete meant that EFILM Sydney had taken care of all the movie’s onset data management, dailies production, archiving, mastering and full dailies deliverables to editorial and production departments including streaming, tape and data.

Simon Alberry concluded, “Fujifilm supplied all our LTO-5 tapes for The Wolverine along with solid technical advice and sales support. Marc Van Agten, Simon Murphy and the entire Fujifilm team’s post sales support is excellent.”

Fujifilm recently launched the first LTO-6 data cartridge in Australia and New Zealand. The new LTO-6 tape has a capacity of up to 6.25TB compressed, a transfer rate of up to 400MB/second and applies Fujifilm’s unique Barium Ferrite magnetic particles.

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Fujifilm LTO-6 data cartridge

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