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FUJIFILM ETERNA 160 Film Promotion A Great Success At ACS50

At this year’s ACS50 conference and exhibition one of the biggest successes was a promotion for Eterna 160 negative film from FUJIFILM. As part of FUJIFILM’s major sponsorship of the event, a personalised invitation was sent to all DOPs and cinematographers that were attending with major incentives to try the stock.

FUJIFILM General Manager Recording Media/Motion Picture Film Marc Van Agten explained, “The invitation had three parts. The first allowed the visitor to pick up a free can of Eterna 160 from us. The second gave them a free test with a Panavision 35mm camera and finally Atlab would process the film and do a workprint or Telecine onto a video tape stock also for free. All in all, a great opportunity to try our latest and best film stock, and for their trouble, the attendees also received a free pair of Fujinon 7X50 MTR/7X50 WPC binoculars. Quite frankly, all who came and took us up on the promotion were delighted.”

FUJIFILM’s Eterna Vivid 160 presents a dramatic new palette for motion pictures or TV with intense colour, high contrast, exceptional sharpness and movie image quality in the studio or outdoor daylight. ETERNA Vivid 160 is very suitable for studio work at E.I. 160 color and for daylight location use at E.I. 100. Its sharpness and image quality also make it a great choice for telecine transfer and sophisticated digital effects.

Marc Van Agten continued, “ACS50 was a great success for FUJIFILM. The response to ETERNA Vivid 160 has been outstanding and the reaction to its ‘punchy’ colours has seen it work beautifully in TVCs and feature films. We had a real ‘who’s who’ of top DOPs and cinematographers visit our stand, one of which was Dean Semler (Dances With Wolves, Bone Collector, Apocalypto). Dean, in addition to discussing ETERNA 160, was fascinated by the antique Mitchell STD-NC 35mm camera we were displaying as it was the first Fujifilm ever purchased and dated back to 1932.”

The Mitchell camera also had pride of place on the Gala night red carpet where Dean and all other attendees had their picture taken with it. The evening was a truly a huge success.

At ACS50 FUJIFILM also displayed their new range of P2 cards, something that Van Agten acknowledges as a major success story. He added, “Sales of P2 cards have doubled every year since 2004 and with 840 networks currently using P2 and now all major camera manufacturers pushing solid state formats, we are expecting big things.”

ACS50 saw a record crowd of high profile attendees at both the conference and exhibition. Commenting on its success, Van Agten concluded, “FUJIFILM was very proud to be the Major Sponsor of such a prestigious event. The ACS is one of the oldest cinematographer societies in the world and it’s members represent the cream of Australian craftsmanship in their field. As a result of ACS members increasingly using our film stock we have had a very successful last 12 months and it’s great to be able to give something back and sponsor an event whose members promote FUJIFILM all around the world.”

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