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Fujifilm Sponsors ACS Queensland/NT Awards 2009

The recent ACS Queensland/Northern Territory Awards 2009 held at the beautifully restored Tivoli Theatre, Fortitude Valley brought out talent in more ways than one according to ACS Federal President Ron Johanson ACS. Before the awards Johanson had been asked by Queensland secretary Karen Hayward if he could dance, unaware that the same question had been asked already of John Stokes ACS, Bob Blasdall, Tony Luu ACS, Brendan Williams ACS and Andrew Conder ACS.

Johanson explained, “We were asked to do a song and dance routine on the evening of the awards. Having already committed to it, the rehearsals began with a lot of grumbling and back pain. We were to be called ‘Mangravy’, suggested by one Robert Blasdall and agreed to almost instantly by Brendan Williams.The conservative ones in the group, John Stokes and myself included, simply went along with it.”

Karen informed the group that they would sing and dance the hit song from the musical CHICAGO, ‘Razzle Dazzle’ in top hat and tails. The group’s choreographer, Claire Marshall took the troupe through their paces on three separate occasions, including a dress rehearsal.

Johanson continued, “On the night it was fantastic, everything went to plan….well sort of. The audience was happy, we were happy and more importantly Karen was happy. What next you say? The ACS FUJI/POST LOUNGE Awards are next.”

With the opening entertainment complete, MC and host, Renee Brack from the Movie Network took control of what proved to be a very exciting and thoroughly enjoyable evening.

There were 17 categories up for awards and a number of special awards including The PostWorks student award, QPIX Encouragement award, AFTRS Encouragement awards, ACS Honorary award, ACS Special Contribution award, Kodak Judges Award, ACS Accreditation and the Edwin Scragg Award.

Guest of Honour was Dante Spinotti ASC AIC and there were also many other distinguished guests in attendance including Queensland President, Tim McGahan ACS, PFTC (now Screen Queensland) CEO, Ms. Maureen Barron, Nino Martinetti ACS, Anita Morgan, Jackie McDonald, Linda Cunningham, Warner Roadshow President, Lyn Benzie, Robert Humphreys ACS, Mic and Pam Collis, Henry Pierce ACS, Mark Wareham ACS, Brendan Lavelle ACS, former Edwin Scragg recipient, Penny Wall, ACS Honorary member Jackie McKimmie representing the AFTRS, Allan Collins ACS representing the ACS NT Branch and also accepting a Gold award for his very impressive work on ‘3 Acts of Murder'.

There were many highlights apart from those recipients who accepted Gold, Silver & Bronze awards in nearly all categories. Johanson continued, “Who will forget Nino Martinetti’s absolute surprise and his heartfelt words upon accepting a Special Contribution award for all his hard work and dedication as President of the ACS Queensland branch. Add to that list Tony Luu, who received his Accreditation pin and certificate. Nic Gribben collected Gold for his innovative stop motion animation and the old stager himself, Brett Ramsay ACS, although away shooting in some exotic location, was also successful with a Gold award. Then there was Dante Spinotti, talk about a class act! Dante spoke generously about his love of cinematography, the industry and the whole artistic process. Tim McGahan ACS presented Dante with Honorary membership to the ACS Queensland branch. Add to the mix a very emotional and humble John Stainton, who was presented with the EDWIN SCRAGG AWARD for his contribution to the ACS and the Queensland industry. It was a truly memorable night.”

There were also dedications of categories to past ACS and industry friends including; Allan Hills, Tony Gordon, Steve Irwin and of course Edwin Scragg ACS.

Ron Jonanson concluded, “Of course these Awards, like others, are made possible by a group of dedicated Committee members and both National and State sponsors. A great big thank you must go to Karen Hayward. A big thanks also to Tim McGahan ACS and the Black Lab organisation overall. Then there’s last years Edwin Scragg Award co- recipient, Steve Cooper who bit the bullet making Post Lounge the State Platinum sponsor. To all our national sponsors and especially to Marc Van Agten and Fujifilm the ACS Major Contributing Sponsor (National) thank you all so very much for your support. We really could not have done it without you.”

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