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Major Australian Movies Shot With Fujifilm Stock

FUJIFILM Australia today gave details of three new Australian movies and one recent AFI winner shot exclusively on FUJIFILM stock. FUJIFILM General Manager Recording Media/Motion Picture Film Marc Van Agten said, “It is a very exciting time for the Australian film industry and these projects are a good indication of the quality of movies we can expect to see throughout 2009.”

The first of the new movies is BRAN NUE DAE directed by Rachel Perkins and shot by DOP Andrew Lesnie on ETERNA 250T and ETERNA 500T (Lesnie also shot the Australian film Love’s Brother on FUJIFILM stock). BRAN NUE DAE stars Geoffrey Rush, Magda Szubanski, Deborah Mailman, Ernie Dingo and Missy Higgins. As Australia's first Aboriginal musical the source material is semi-autobiographical, based on the story of writer Jimmy Chi's life in Broome and is a 3,000km journey of self discovery through spectacular landscape.

The second new film is BEAUTIFUL KATE directed by Rachel Ward and shot by DOP Andrew Commiss on ETERNA 250D, ETERNA 500T and F64D. Starring Rachel Griffiths, Bryan Brown and Ben Mendelsohn BEAUTIFUL KATE tells the story of a writer, Ned Kendall, who is asked to return to the family home by his sister Sally, to say goodbye to his father who is dying. Once there Ned starts having memories of his beautiful twin sister and himself when they were children.

The third movie on the list currently being shot in Australia on FUJIFILM stock is CHARLIE & BOOTS directed by Dean Murphy and shot by DOP Roger Lanser on ETERNA 250D, ETERNA 500T and ETERNA 160T (Lanser also shot the Australian films Strange Bedfellows, The Crop and Till Human Voices Wake Us on FUJIFILM stock). CHARLIE & BOOTS stars Australian icon Paul Hogan, Shane Jacobson (aka Kenny) and Roy Billing and follows a father and son who travel from Victoria to Cape York to fulfill their lifelong ambition to fish off Australia's northern tip.

UNFINISHED SKY was directed by Peter Duncan and stars William McInnes, Monic Hendickx and David Field. DOP Robert Humphreys shot the film on ETERNA 250D, ETERNA 500T, ETERNA 250T AND F64D and recently won the AFI cinematography award for his work on the movie. (Humphreys also shot the Australian films Suburban Mayhem, Somersault, Walking on Water and Mullet on FUJIFILM stock). UNFINISHED SKY is the story of an outback farmer that takes in an Afghani woman who has fled from a brothel.

Marc Van Agten concluded, “We are delighted that FUJIFILM is the stock of choice for such a talented group of DOPs and for such high quality films. Year-on-year we are seeing an increasing number of DOPs and cinematographers choose FUJIFILM products and based on the excellent calibre of the movies they produce, the results clearly speak for themselves.”

FUJIFILM is also the major contributing sponsor of the ACS.

Picture credits:

Charlie and Boots crew 1: L-R David Elmes (1st AC) Dora Krolikowska (2nd Loader/video) Roger Lanser ACS (DOP) Mark Goellnicht ('A' camera operator/steadicam) Simon Williams-in the big hat (B camera 1st AC) Cameron Murchison ('A' camera loader). Photo by Tibor Hegedis

Charlie and Boots crew 2: Roger Lanser ACS (back to camera) Simon Williams (1st AC B Cam)

Charlie and Boots crew 3: L-R Paul Walton 1st. AD, hat-David Elmes 1st ac 'A' cam., at camera-Mark Goellnicht 'a' operator.

Charlie and Boots crew 4: Emerald Rodeo - Simon Williams 1st ac 'B' Cam, Roger Lanser (DOP)

Charlie and Boots crew 5: L-R. Roger Lanser (DOP), Dean Sullivan-props, Jane Forbes-script super, David Elmes 1st ac, Mark G operator

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