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Australian Movie Charlie and Boots Uses Fujifilm Stock

Charlie & Boots tells the story of a father and son who travel from Victoria to Cape York to fulfill their lifelong ambition to fish off Australia's northern tip. The film has been a big success locally and current Australian Cinematographer of the Year and the film’s DOP Roger Lanser ACS recently gave his unique insight into its making, including his choice of Fujifilm stock.

Lanser said, “The decision to use Fujifilm on Charlie & Boots was an easy one. I have been using Fujifilm for a number of productions and always found it to be excellent. Dean Murphy, the director, and I both agreed that we wanted to shoot on film not digitally and as I had won awards for our last film together, we went ahead with Fujifilm. We were filming mostly in daylight with some night scenes so the chosen stocks were the ETERNA 250D and the 500T. We did some stock tests mainly to determine the best flesh tones with our cast. As our two main stars, Paul Hogan and Shane Jacobson, would be spending a lot of time in 2 shots and close ups in a car with a overexposed background whizzing past, we wanted a stock that handled the range of exposure that I would be confronted with.”

As with many locally based productions Lanser and his crew had a strict shooting schedule that had to be kept to. He added, “We only had a short time with the actors and the test period was limited but I was able to see quickly that the 250D was exactly what I needed. Seeing the rushes of the tests projected at Deluxe labs confirmed we were on track. The 250D delivers exquisite images, crisp and polished and coped very well with the 2 different flesh tones of our male leads and the exposure range of < > 4 stops.”

Lanser was recently voted Cinematographer of the Year and as a result has spent much time abroad giving him wider influences to draw on in the making of Charlie & Boots. He said, “I must say the my experiences filming both in Australia and in Europe with Fujifilm I have found the Fujifilm stocks to be excellent in both the searing heat of the Australian outback and the soft even light of a European winter.”

The locations on Charlie & Boots were many and varied. The movie started in the cool blue light of the coastal town of Warrnambool in Victoria then traveled into the almost sepia tones of the Midwestern sheep area of Hay and on into blinding light of the 45-degree heat of a dusty rodeo in Emerald, then finished filming on the luminous turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef. “It was a big shoot indeed.” Continued Lanser. “And all the while the Fujifilm stock was delivering the most wonderful images that I’m sure were part of this film’s success. The flexibility and richness of Fujifilm was a great asset to me and the production.”

Commenting on his history of making successful movies Lanser concluded, “Many of my award winning films have been shot on Fujifilm. ‘Mozart’s The Magic Flute’ for example was filmed entirely on 500T. The film was set exterior in the trenches of WW1 but filmed entirely on sound stages in England. We had massive green screen elements and once again Fujifilm was much applauded by the digital post production company and the producers for delivering amazing quality images.

‘As You like It’, a Shakespearian film set in Japan but filmed in England in Spring, was also a great example of Fujifilm’s versatility. From the wintery tones of a working dairy farm down south to the summery white sands of our tropical north across 2,500 kilometers of Australia, Fujifilm was absolutely the right film stock for “Charlie & Boots”.

Charlie & Boots is screening nationally.

Picture credits:

Roger Lanser ACS: Roger Lanser ACS on the set of Charlie and Boots

Roger Lanser on C&B set: Roger Lanser ACS on the set of Charlie and Boots

Hogan, Lanser, Jacobson: (l-r) Paul Hogan, Roger Lanser ACS and Shane Jacobson

Charlie & Boots1: Shooting on the set of Charlie & Boots

Charlie & Boots2: Shooting on the set of Charlie & Boots

Charlie & Boots3: Shooting on the set of Charlie & Boots

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