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Showtime Uses Fujifilm LTO-4 Media In Efficient Workflow

FUJIFILM today gave details of a media supply agreement with Showtime Australia, the premium movie channel suppliers to Foxtel and Austar, for LTO-4 data tapes and Digital Betacam tapes.

Showtime Director of Operations & Production John Turner explained, “At Showtime, the workflow involves ingesting from videotape masters to SAN storage at a rate which equates to approximately 20 - 25Gb per hour of video while a clone Digital Beta copy is also made for Foxtel Transmission. The master tape then remains in the Showtime library for the licence period of the movie as the SAN copy is stored online for a 3 month production cycle which includes preview & promo production. The SAN copy and promos are archived to LTO-4 data tape once the production cycle is complete. With one LTO-4 data tape capable of storing up to 20 movies, there are considerable cost savings to be realised. Thus the robust and reliable FUJIFILM LTO-4 tapes play a very important role in our workflow.”

FUJIFILM Australia General Manager Recording Media / Motion Picture Film Marc Van Agten said, “We are making big in-roads with major Australian broadcasters and channels and are very happy with our success in this area of the market. Showtime is a great example of a very efficient workflow backed up by top quality media.”

John Turner concluded, “Showtime as a user of both Digital Betacam tape & LTO data tape chose FUJIFILM because of their highly competitive products backed by excellent and reliable service, which made us want to use them for our data needs.

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