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Andrew Commis ACS Wins Australian Cinematographer of the Year at Fujifilm Sponsored ACS National Awards

Fujifilm Australia was again the major sponsor of the Australian Cinematographers Society National Awards, held this year at the ANZ Pavilion, Victorian Arts Centre.

This year’s prestigious Milli Award for Australian Cinematographer of the Year was won by Andrew Commis ACS, for his work on Beautiful Kate which he shot exclusively on Fujifilm Eterna 64T, 250D and 500T stocks. Commis also won a Golden Tripod in the Feature Film category for Beautiful Kate on the night and both awards follow on from Commis’ success at the 2009 Inside Film Awards where he won the Best Cinematography award and the Gold Award at the 2009 NSW and ACT ACS Awards.

Fujifilm Australia’s General Manager Recording Media/Motion Picture Film Marc Van Agten said, “Fujifilm would like to congratulate Andrew Commis on all his success and on the wonderful results he has achieved with Beautiful Kate. Last year Roger Lanser ACS won Australian Cinematographer of the Year for his work on The Magic Flute which he also shot on Fujifilm stock. We are delighted that this year the top ACS award has once more gone to such a talented filmmaker and that Fujifilm was again able to be part of the success.”

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Left to right - Marc Van Agten (Fujifilm), Andrew Commis and Simon Murphy (Fujifilm) at the 2010 Australian Cinematographers Society National Awards

The full list of winners are listed below:

Category No. 1 - Student Cinematography

Gold - David Rusanow (VIC)

The Fumes "Python for a Pillow"

Category No. 2 - Experimental & Specialized

Golden Tripod - Matthew Horrex (NSW) Zero

Distinction - Richard Chataway ACS (SA) Schmackos Popcorn "Schmatrix"

Category No. 3 - TV Station Breaks & Promos

Golden Tripod - Michael Beresford-Jones (NSW) FINA Swimming Promo for ONE HD

Category No. 4 - Music Clips

Golden Tripod - Tom Gleeson (NSW) Fearless

Distinction - Jason Hargreaves (QLD) Kate Miller Heidke "Caught in the Crowd"

Category No. 5 - News - Local/Regional

Golden Tripod - Jayson Flakus (QLD) Cane Disease Outbreak

Category No. 6 - Neil Davis International News

Golden Tripod - Ben Emery (NSW) Bangkok Battle

Distinction - Wayne McAllister (NSW) Long March

Category No. 7 - Current Affairs

Golden Tripod - Louie Eroglu ACS (NSW) Detroit 'Ain't Too Proud to Beg'

Distinction - Wayne McAllister (NSW) Cats in the Clouds

Category No. 8 - TV Magazine, Lifestyle & Reality

Golden Tripod - Frank Maurici (NSW) Eskimos

Distinction - Roger Price (ACT) Portugal - Cheese Slices

Category No. 9 - Corporate & Educational

Golden Tripod - Peter Davies (NSW) Choices

Distinction - Aron Leong (QLD) Bishop Brothers Engineering

Category No. 10 - Documentaries, Cinema & TV

Golden Tripod - John Biggins (NSW) Feral Peril

Distinction - Pieter De Vries ACS (NSW) Tasmanian Devil

Category No. 11 - Wildlife/Nature

Golden Tripod - Rory McGuinness ACS (VIC) Turtle - The Incredible Journey

Distinction - Malcolm Ludgate ACS (SA) Lizard Kings

Category No. 12 - Commercials -Local/Regional

Golden Tripod - Callan Green (NSW) Samantha Wills "Every Moment"

Distinction - Wayne Aistrope (VIC) Herald Weekly Times 140 Years

Category No. 13 - Commercials - National/International

Golden Tripod - Mandy Walker ACS (NSW) Tourism Australia - "VP Sales"

Distinction - Simon Duggan ACS (NSW) Jameson's Lost Barrel

Distinction - Greig Fraser (VIC) Tourism Victoria - Daylesford

Category No. 14 - Dramatised Documentaries

Golden Tripod - Jim Frater (WA) The Great Escape "The Reckoning"

Distinction - John Radel ACS (NSW) In Our Name

Category No. 15 - Fictional Drama Shorts

Golden Tripod - Murray Lui (NSW) Jacob

Distinction - Stuart Gosling (VIC) A Love Story

Category No. 16 - Telefeatures, TV Drama & Mini Series

Golden Tripod - Allan Collins ACS (NT) 3 Acts of Murder

Distinction - Mark Wareham ACS (QLD) A Model Daughter

Category No. 17 - Features - Cinema

Golden Tripod - Andrew Commis ACS (NSW) Beautiful Kate

Distinction - Ellery Ryan ACS (VIC) Van Diemen's Land

News Directors Award

Gold - Craig McKeough (QLD) Kybong Fatal

A full list of winners is also available on the Australian Cinematographers Society website:

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