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Fujifilim Launches Eterna-RDS Digital Separation Black and White Recording Film

Fujifilm Australia today announced the launch of Fujicolor ETERNA-RDS, the world’s first digital separation black and white recording film.

Fujifilm Australia General Manager Recording Media/Motion Picture Film Marc Van Agten said, “This new film will play an important role in the long-term preservation and archiving of motion pictures. In effect it can serve to future proof our film heritage. Movies often contain important historical background information and depict social and environmental conditions thus becoming extremely valuable cultural assets. With a view to making an important contribution to the long-term preservation and archiving of these valuable cultural assets, Fujifilm has developed and released its specialised ETERNA-RDS film for recording original images as three Y-C-M separations on black and white (silver halide) films which are estimated to be able to preserve images for more than 500 years.”

ETERNA-RDS follows on from the recent Academy Award winning ETERNA-RDI digital intermediate film. ETERNA-RDS optimises the characteristics of digital origination and provides exceptional photographic output via laser recorders, with gradation linearity, wide latitude, excellent sharpness and low granularity. The film possesses outstanding stability for both black and white negative and positive process conditions. Digital files are run through a film-out laser and recorded onto ETERNA-RDS in three passes. The three separations can then be scanned, combined and conformed when required.

The new Fujicolor ETERNA-RDS digital separation black and white recording film is available from Fujifilm Australia now.

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