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SYDNEY, 21 November 2011 – Recently the Australian Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS), the service department for Australia's national parliament, looked to replace the production television cameras they used for the televised coverage of parliamentary proceedings and in the process, chose Fujinon as the HD lenses to accompany the new cameras.

DPS provides services and facilities that enable Senators and Members of the House of Representatives to work and communicate with each other, with their constituents and with the community. In other words, DPS facilitates the Australian Parliament to the Australian community and to the world.

Lawrie Hitchens from Fujinon Broadcast and CCTV helped facilitate the deal explaining, “DPS was replacing their production television cameras used for the televised coverage of parliamentary proceedings. Their fleet of cameras were ageing and the technology refresh also provided an opportunity to future proof the systems by making them HD capable.”

In total DPS replaced seven independent multi-camera control systems consisting of 42 cameras and lenses.

Hitchens continued, “DPS’ lens requirements were based on a set of functional specifications as defined in their Request For Tender (RFT). These were defined on the basis of equivalent lenses that were already in service. When all available lenses were evaluated DPS chose the Fujinon XA66:1, HA23:1 and HA13:1 as those that came closest to meeting the functional specs as set out in their RFT.”

At Australia’s Parliament House DPS uses the lenses in three chambers, four committee rooms, a television studio, at press conferences and special events as well for ENG work used for post production.

Hitchens added, “The lenses are used in many different shots that include those broadcast by the media bureau and parliament chamber proceedings. I’m delighted to say the lenses and associated kit have performed very well in all environments. In order to win this most prestigious deal Fujinon had to meet the requirements that were put to market. I’m glad to say when the full RFT assessment was complete we were also advised by DPS that they also appreciated the comprehensive assistance in addressing technical issues through the course of the implementation process that Fujinon offered.”

Fujifilm Australia General Manager Motion Picture Film, Recording Media and Optical Devices Marc Van Agten said, “The DPS purchase of Fujinon lenses is significant and we are very proud to have been chosen as the supplier of high quality broadcast lenses for such a worthwhile and efficient broadcast facility.”

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