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SYDNEY, 25 January 2011 - FUJIFILM has launched a new addition to its ETERNA range, the ETERNA 250D daylight-type E.I. 250 motion picture colour negative film.

Fujifilm Australia General Manager Recording Media/Motion Picture Film Marc Van Agten said, “The new ETERNA Vivid 250D is a high contrast, high saturation daylight balanced film stock which offers punchy vivid colours, crisp deep blacks and excellent skin tones. What’s more, the new ETERNA Vivid 250D provides a seamless match with ETERNA Vivid 160T and ETERNA Vivid 500T tungsten balanced film stocks. The launch of our ETERNA 250D stock further demonstrates Fujifilm’s active engagement in the development of new additions to the ETERNA series, which is recognised for its world-class grain structure. Fujifilm’s commitment to film and the motion picture industry is as solid as ever and we are also expanding our contribution to motion picture production by continuing to provide an extensive range of high-quality imaging products.”

The new ETERNA 250D film incorporates Fujifilm's proprietary Super Nano-structured Σ Grain Technology*, producing expanded latitude and giving these films the ability to render exceptional shadow detail. A subtle palette with restrained saturation and exceptionally fine grain characterises the films.

ETERNA 250D shares the same palette and gradation characteristics as high-speed (E.I. 500) ETERNA 500, for seamless intercutting of images as required for many types of motion picture productions. Gradation balance has been optimised to ensure smooth, natural reproduction of skin tones and greys even when under- or overexposed, making possible a range of atmospheric effects. Optimised orange mask density and enhanced grain also contribute to improved image quality for film scanning or telecine transfer of images from negative film to videotape.

Van Agten added, “The addition of the new ETERNA Vivid 250D takes our range to nine different film stocks giving filmmakers even more choice when considering the look for their next production. ETERNA Vivid 250D offers cinematographers a daylight option which will intercut perfectly with our current family of Vivid tungsten film stocks.”

ETERNA Vivid 250D is available in 35mm 8546 and 16mm 8646 formats.

Features of ETERNA 250D

1. Enhanced latitude
The incorporation of Fujifilm's proprietary Super Nano-structured Σ Grain Technology produces expanded latitude, giving ETERNA 250D enhanced ability to render shadow detail.

2. Enhanced gradation balance
Gradation balance has been adjusted in each of the B, G and R layers, giving ETERNA 250D smooth, consistent grey balance over a broad range from underexposure to overexposure. This contributes to natural reproduction of both greys and skin tones.

3. Improved intercuttability
ETERNA 250D shares the same palette and gradation characteristics as high-speed (E.I. 500) ETERNA 500, for seamless intercutting of images as required for many types of motion picture productions.

4. Exceptional grain
Super Nano-structured Σ Grain Technology effectively boosts sensitivity while producing exceptionally fine grain, making ETERNA 250D the automatic choice for a variety of scenes and situations.

5. Excellent sharpness
In addition to Super Nano-structured Σ Grain Technology, ETERNA 250D also incorporates Super-Efficient DIR-Coupler Technology, boosting interlayer effects for enhanced sharpness.

6. Enhanced telecine characteristics
Extended linear response and exceptional colour balance facilitate colour adjustment during telecine transfer. Optimisation of orange mask density enhances scanning characteristics, creating crisp, clear prints.

* Super Nano-structured Σ Grain Technology
Newly developed Super Nano-structured Ó Grain Technology controls the light-sensitive structure of the silver-halide grain to nanoscale, creating extremely fine grain. Photons generated by light are concentrated in the photosensitive nuclear lamina by way of electron accumulators. These grains feature a precise electron accumulator structure that efficiently concentrates photons into a relatively thick latent image. This thickness is engineered to minimise reflections, enhancing sharpness by minimising light scatter. This technology makes it possible to reduce the volume of the photosensitive grain by approximately 1/3 compared to previous colour negative films with the same speed.

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