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LTO-6SYDNEY, 19 January 2015 – FUJIFILM, the company with the largest LTO tape manufacturing share in the world, regularly conducts quality control tests including writing and reading brand-new media at the end of the manufacturing process. As a result the company has a significant amount of accumulated test data which when amassed and evaluated proves that by using Barium Ferrite (BaFe) LTO tapes over standard metal particle LTO tapes the LTO drives can last up to 60% longer.

LTO-6                                                             LTO-5            

Barium Ferrite technology                         Standard metal particles

Drive lifetime*                                               Drive lifetime*

Full file pass – 1676                                               Full file pass – 1200

Hours – 8382                                               Hours - 4800

Drive lasts for 12 months                          Drive lasts for 7 months

Fujifilm GM Recording Media and Optical Devices Marc Van Agten said, “When customers consider migrating from an older LTO format to a newer one, they tend to focus on the benefits of increased capacity and transfer rate. However, drive lifetime is an important factor when considering total cost of ownership. The write/read test results show that the LTO-6 drive performs well for 12 months, 1.7 times longer than LTO-5 drives. The superior SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) of BaFe LTO-6 media results in a 60% longer drive lifetime compared to older generations. This is because BaFe LTO-6 media continues to achieve the specified recording capacity for a longer period of time even after the drive head has deteriorated due to continuous use.”

The difference comes from the high SNR of BaFe media and LTO-6 drive combination. The better SNR compensates for the diminishing drive performance due to continuous use and results in a longer drive lifetime.

Fujifilm has also compared the lifetime of LTO-6 drives when using brand-new metal particle LTO-6 versus brand-new BaFe LTO-6 media. In order to verify the difference, the company tested brand-new metal particle LTO-6 media with LTO-6 drives. The test results show the drive lifetime when using metal particle LTO-6 is 3 to 4 months. When using BaFe LTO-6 media with LTO-6 drives, the drive lifetime is extended to 12 months thereby again demonstrating the greater efficiency and cost effectiveness of Barium Ferrite technology in LTO tapes.

* “Lifetime” means the amount of time before drives are no longer able to record the specified recording capacity of each LTO media due to increased write/read errors after continuous use.

* “Full File Pass” means 1 full capacity write or read.

* In this estimation, 1 brand-new media write/read 1 full capacity (1 Full File Pass).

* “Month” is calculated based on drives operating 24 hours a day.

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Fujifilm Barium Ferrite LTO-6 tape 

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