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New Australian Movie Beautiful Kate Shot With Fujifilm Stock

Beautiful Kate, the much heralded new Australian movie directed by Rachel Ward starring Rachel Griffiths, Bryan Brown, Sophie Lowe and Ben Mendelsohn, about a writer who is asked to return to the family home to say goodbye to his dying father was shot entirely with Fujifilm stock.

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Fujifilm Marks 50 Million LTO Ultrium Format Data Cartridges Milestone

FUJIFILM Recording Media a leading manufacturer of enterprise and mid-range data storage media, has announced that the company recently passed the 50 million milestone for the number of LTO Ultrium data cartridges manufactured since introduction. This achievement highlights Fujifilm's leadership and success as a manufacturer of mid-range and enterprise tape media.

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Spider Wins Fujifilm Best Australian Film and People's Choice Awards at Mudfest 2009

Over 1000 wine appreciating short film enthusiasts from all over the world converged on the Elliot Rocke Estate again last weekend for Mudfest, the 5th annual Mudgee International Short Film Festival.

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Fujifilm Celebrates 75 Years of Motion Picture Film Manufacture

For 75 years, Fujifilm has been a technological innovator, with groundbreaking contributions and advancements in photo finishing, graphics, life sciences, manufacturing, retail and entertainment. The company spends more than US$5million per day in research and development. “Fujifilm’s contributions and accomplishments in these markets have left a positive effect on the world in terms of health, safety and mind,” says Marc Van Agten, General Manager Recording Media/Motion Picture Film.

This commitment to innovation has enhanced many industries, but it has also improved our daily lives. Fujifilm’s breakthroughs have included the world’s first one-time use camera, the first true handheld digital camera and Fujifilm Computed Radiography (FCR), the original digitized X-ray system, which reduces patient exposure to radiation without deteriorating image quality. Fujifilm has also developed FCR Digital Mammography, a computerized detection system that improves image quality to facilitate the early detection of breast cancer. On the photofinishing front, the company introduced Image Intelligence, a professional finishing system that automatically corrects common flaws to produce an image very close to that seen by the human eye.

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Showtime Uses Fujifilm LTO-4 Media In Efficient Workflow

FUJIFILM today gave details of a media supply agreement with Showtime Australia, the premium movie channel suppliers to Foxtel and Austar, for LTO-4 data tapes and Digital Betacam tapes.

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FUJIFILM Sponsors 2009 Elliot Rocke Mudfest – Mudgee International Short Film Festival

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