Fujifilm Superia

Fujifilm Superia

Superia - Reducing Costs of Offset Printing

Fujifilm Superia is a complete, integrated solution that supports the reduction of resources in five key areas; materials, labour, energy, water and environmental emissions. The system spans the offset print production process with the aim of optimizing efficiency, speed and quality. Putting Fujifilm Superia to work for you can deliver substantial and quantifiable resource savings, meaning measurable improvements in cost reduction and environmental performance, while guaranteeing the highest quality you would expect from Fujifilm.

Energy Savings

Limiting the consumption of electricity and gas employed in the production process

Environmental Savings

Minimising the discharge of chemical waste and reducing environmental impact

Labour Savings

Shortening working time and reducing production man power

Material Savings

Reducing consumption of paper, ink and pre-press consumables

Water Savings

Eliminating or minimising water use

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