TransPix Mobile Image Transfer App


No Cables? No Problem. Use the TransPix Image Transfer App.

Give your photo centre customers the ability to easily transfer photos from their smartphones directly to a kiosk!

All of your smartphone-using customers are photographers these days, and they strive to bring their photos to life through beautifully printed images. But, as you know, getting customers’ images from their smartphones to your printing kiosks can be a hassle—especially when the customer has forgotten the USB transfer cable or your photo centre’s cables have gone missing.

That’s where Fujifilm TransPix comes in. This mobile image transfer app is a free app customers can download directly from the Apple app store or Google Play. Rather than having to use a cable to transfer images from smartphones to kiosks, customers can just transfer images over the wireless network.

Here’s how it works in your photo centre:

  • Fujifilm installs a wireless extension within the store environment
  • An authorised wireless license key activates the application
  • TransPix allows a smartphone to connect to the kiosk via in-store Wi-Fi
  • Connected kiosks are listed on the smartphone
  • Customers can select a specific kiosk and transfer images
  • Once the transfer is completed, the images can be printed from the kiosk

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Your TransPix photo centre kit comes with:

  • Self-installation user guide CD
  • Software license and protection dongle
  • Kiosk signage
  • Promotional TransPix fliers for your store
  • Wireless access point device
  • Complete technical support from Fujifilm
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